Corporate Membership - Important Partners with FWSCI

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Logo-fwscii round logo (1).jpg

Corporate Membership - Important Partners with FWSCI


FWSCI invites your company to be a part of our organization.

FWSCI CORPORATE members will have public recognition on the FWSCI social media sites.

FWSCI CORPORATE members will have ONE COMPLIMENTARY ticket to the annual “Taste of Sister Cities” Gala in February!

FWSCI has 4 Sister Cities and one Friendship City. Thank you for being a part of international partnerships with Fort Wayne, Indiana.

1). Gera, Germany 2). Plock, Poland 3). Takaoka, Japan 4). Taizhau, China 5). Mawlaymine, Myamar

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As a member of FWCSI, you will enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Discounts on attending FWSCI events

  • The opportunity for you and your child to apply for scholarships and grants for international exchanges

  • Admission to many student exchange functions in Fort Wayne to promote acceptance and understanding of different cultures

  • The opportunity for your company to network with members of FWSCI in order to share and employ economic development strategies and information

  • The opportunity for youth to be involved at both the local and international level by competing in the “Showcase for Young Artists”

  • Free cultural consultation services when traveling or doing business in any of our sister cities