All Household Members can SUPPORT FWSCI

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All Household Members can SUPPORT FWSCI


FWSCI invites you and all household members to be a part of our organization. FWSCI supporting members can participate in any committee that seems interesting. Once you become a supporting member, you will be contacted to see which committee you would like to join. FWSCI has 4 Sister Cities and one Friendship City. Come and be a part of international exchanges in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

1). Gera, Germany 2). Plock, Poland 3). Takaoka, Japan 4). Taizhau, China 5). Mawlaymine, Myamar

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Join Sister Cities.

As a member of FWCSI, you will enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Discounts on attending FWSCI events

  • The opportunity for you and your child to apply for scholarships and grants for international exchanges

  • Admission to many student exchange functions in Fort Wayne to promote acceptance and understanding of different cultures

  • The opportunity for your company to network with members of FWSCI in order to share and employ economic development strategies and information

  • The opportunity for youth to be involved at both the local and international level by competing in the “Showcase for Young Artists”

  • Free cultural consultation services when traveling or doing business in any of our sister cities