While Gera was first mentioned in 996 A.D., it became a city in 1237. This means that 2014 marked the 777th anniversary of Gera's incorporation – reason for a week of celebration. Here are some of the events that took place:

September 28: Non-denominational church service

Every seat in St. Elisabeth church was taken during this service, which was broadcast on regional television.

September 28: Gera Bicycle Day

Scores of bicycle riders enjoyed the weather while riding though Gera on the city's third official bike day. This event was opened by mayor Kurt Dannberg.

September 29: This is our lion.

Gera's crest contains the image of a lion. Artistically decorated versions of the lion were placed throughout the city as part of the initiative "Gera's lion takes over our town". Gera also included day care centers by asking children to pain, craft and create their renditions of the Gera lion. The winners of this contest were announced during the anniversary celebration.

September 30: Presentation of Gera's Second City Cook Book

Gera chef Harald Saul has published two Gera-Themed cook books, the "Easter Stone Cook Book" in 1998 and the "Gera City Cook Book" in 1999. Gera's 777th anniversary saw the release of his Second City Cook Book, which combines delicious recipes with local history.

September 28 - October 5: Höhlerfest

Gera's traditional four days of celebration in Gera's historic city center was one of the highlights of the 777th anniversary. Attractions included a kid's carnival and a medieval festival.

October 2: Classical and choir concert

Members of the Philharmonic Orchestra and artists for the Theater und Philharmonie Thüringen and Rutheneum Gera high gave a festive concert performance.

October 4: Historic parade

As a special highlight, a historic parade in Gera's city center depicted Gera's history in 21 scenes.

Church service

Bicycle Day

Lion contest winners

Historic market

Medieval festival